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Oakville, ON
reply to rudeboy24

Re: Costs going up, downgrading cable

said by rudeboy24:

»www.voip.ms/ ..you need to put $25 minimum in your account.

»wiki.voip.ms/ - explains how to set it up ,...u dont even need an asterisk server with voip.ms u can setup sub accounts and have different phone's/numbers linked to them ..there are also Soft phones u can use to call from your computer using a headset.

Edit: u can make calls without buying a DID (Phone number).

It's great, eh? I've got subaccounts set up for my Android phone and our laptop. I don't actually have a data plan, but when out travelling I've used WiFi to call from a SIP app on my phone.

I love having my voicemail forwarded to me in an email as well, in case we do miss a call. I've got no complaints or qualms about having gone to voip.ms - I remember when Cogeco called to try and lure us back to their phone service, the phone rep absolutely would not beleive that we pay on average about $7/mo for our phone service and usage. Sure beats $40+ with Cogeco!

Fort Erie, ON
I'm in the process of moving our business over to voip.ms. Fantastic service, and we're saving a shitload of money for more than we had before.


Welland, ON
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reply to chdude3
i love it, i have it setup so every phone in the house has its own line so there no more .."Hurry up, I need to use the phone", and they all ring when the home number is called so u can answer any phone.
I use an asterisk server at home for my business lines and home lines, i have 4 numbers (1 home, 1 business, 1 Toll-Free and 1 Fax) an all for under $20 a month including calling.

GOUGEco can't compete with that lol