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Mundelein, IL
reply to Netkeys

Re: T1 and extended area power outages

I was under the impression that the T1 smart-jack is line powered, as is POTS.

So the question should really be...

Would the T1 come direct from the CO (where you know they'll have batteries and generators to keep everything running)?
Or will your T1 be coming from a ground vault where the batteries will last for awhile, but then you better hope they bring the generator in time?

Also, that the ground vault isn't in a low area that floods, as AT&T likes to do here in IL - I had a customer with POTS and T1s running through the same ground vault, all the POTS worked fine for the 2 weeks the vault was underwater, but the T1 stuff didn't get turned back up until a vault on a trailer was brought in and the vault was pumped out. They basically cross-connected a bunch of stuff in the vault to the trailer, and then back down into the vault.

Cable and DSL, any time you are too far from the CO, also requires a vault or cabinet somewhere in the middle, and the batteries powering that cabinet are usually only good for a few hours.