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Niagara Falls, ON

I have Start and Cogeco at the same time...

Being a little cautious I guess. Speed tests with Start are every bit as good as Cogeco with only the pings not being quite as good. Interesting that Start speeds drop when the Cogeco modem is up at the same time. Any idea why that happens? And any chance Cogeco will somehow screw up my Start connection when I send back their modem?

London, ON
The ping times are expected to drop about 25 ms on June 19th when Cogeco fixes a bug on our connecting link.

As for the slowdown, it's possible that both modems are on the same frequency and thus you're locally congesting yourself - or if you're using a single dual-wan router it could be that the cpu on the router can't keep up with both going full out.

In regards to them screwing it up when you send the modem back, unlikely -they've been pretty good with the transfers.


reply to smallj53
I ran both on the same line for awhile and never ran into problems.


Niagara Falls, ON
reply to rocca
Thanks for taking the time to answer. It occurred to me after I posted that someone else probably already asked my questions. It shows commendable patience to keep answering the same questions over and over again. Thanks.

Anyway, yes both the Cogeco modem and the RCA 425 I use for Start were on the identical downstream and upstream frequencies. I reset the modem for Start a few times and it finally went to a different frequency. Now I get full speeds with both modems up and running.

In regards to the pings on Start my kids are complaining that their online games lag more when they use your service. How they can notice such a small difference between Cogeco and Start is beyond me... Anyway, I'm looking forward to the June 19th upgrade when the pings will hopefully improve and they will stop complaining long enough for me to ditch Cogeco.

Anyway, this a great forum. I have my fingers crossed for a long relationship with Start!