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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to neufuse

Re: [CDV] Switch to Arris emta from RCA?

said by neufuse:

the we can help line seems to of came through, they even waved the fee to do the switch over... they told me they don't let customers do their own eMTA swap, but they did come right out and say I can buy one since I am in a region that supports customer owned eMTA's... (haven't found a best buy that sells them though around here even going by the list that arris and comcast have posted showing the ones in pittsburgh that do sell them, none "stock" them.... go figure)

should have this swapped this week.. hopefully, an appt is scheduled

Sounds good!

BTW, I would not recommend buying an eMTA, even though the Arris TM722G is a decent enough model.

The problem is economics: The TM722G costs $149 (new...don't even try to buy a used 722G, they probably will not provision it). It is a 3+ year old model. It will take you about 2 years to ameliorate the cost of buying versus what you would have paid in rent. At that time, you will then own a 5+ year old model eMTA, and probably will be in the market for a newer version...not to mention that if the Comcast eMTA craps out during that 2 years, they will simply send you a new one. Makes buying an eMTA a low-return proposition

Now, if Comcast would let you purchase a current model eMTA and provision it, that would be another story...
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