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Rockaway Park, NY

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reply to kilrathi

Re: [TWC] packet loss / service degraded - amp in rockaway park,

I spoke with escalation center tech today and going over signal levels and logs he said that even my downstream signal specs go out of spec sometimes although its mostly upstream that has constant power level problems and large flactuations. Considering I am on direct connection to the pole with new wire this must be occuring locally on where i am conneted to the pole. I will know more monday whether anything was done to correct the issue.

Meanwhile I also ordered a review with verizon fios whether I can get fios on my house(fios is here just not every house can have it atm), will know more mid week. I rather stay with tw if they could fix the issues though but this weekend I was unable to broadcast/cast a coh and mowas tournaments due to the upstream problems which was a big deal to me. This cannot continue.

Sunday and problems are even worse.... already at 7:30pm EST.... I am gonna try to get a tech in last ditch effort if the engineering ticket dont fix anything and get him to alter where I am hooked up its clearly noise(large flactuation)/signal problem on the pole or spot where I am hooked up since I am directly hooked up without splitters and it does no good. Question is how long will it take for TW to fix this... One thing for sure I am not paying a cent until this is fixed and I also looking at what FIOS determines on my house mid week.