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Dom. Rep.

Tricom Dominican Republic now offers 100/5 docsis 3

Last week Tricom introduced 6 new speed tiers(6, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100mbit), removed the 1.5/256 ADSL/Cable tier and made the 2, 3, 4 and 5mbit ones cheaper. Their CEO announced that the new docsis 3 service will operate on the 1ghz band, the fiber network in Santo Domingo will be reconstructed and expanded to areas not served yet, he also said the whole process will take 3 years and USD$125 millions. As usual, the highest tiers are expensives, but here in DR they are ridiculously expensives, I'll post speed tiers with prices in USD$(including 28% tax) and a link to their website for those interested.

1mbit/256kbps $23
2mbit/512kbps $33
3mbit/768kbps $44
4mbit/768kbps $60
5mbit/768kbps $77
6mbit/768kbps $93
10mbit/1mbit $162
20mbit/1mbit $325
30mbit/1mbit $440
50mbit/2mbit $621
100mbit/5mbit $932

»tricom.net/SiteArticlesview.aspx ··· icleID=6

A year ago Tricom removed a very little over-provisioning they used to give, leaving users with the plain sync speed for each tier. Claro still does a generous provisioning on all their tiers so users always get the advertised speeds. An 1mbit/256kbps on Claro, the sync speed is 1280kbps/320kbps, that's a 256/64 extra on down/up vs an 128/32 that Tricom "used" to give. Right now I'm on 3/768 dsl with Tricom, can't go back to Claro because I'm too far from their central office and anything over 1mbit is very unstable :P. I'll update this post with any new info coming from them.