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Very few users care about ANYBODY's privacy

said by Scatcatpdx:

Go figure peo I bet the ones who care, like me, would never sign up in the first place. I never would sign up for any social networking site.

I don't care what people do with THEIR private information, what infuriates me to no end is when a "friend" allows their address book to be uploaded to these crap sites, exposing MY information without my permission and consent.

The major fault rests with inconsiderate and idiot users of these sites who have no respect for others privacy, let alone their own. Scraping entire address books by any site should not be allowed!

I have had to totally block all email traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and some others, because of idiots, who I unfortunately have given my email, address, and phone number to. There should be some way to sue dumbasses who redistribute my personal information without my consent. Redistribution of third party personal information without permission is a USER problem, and should be illegal for both users AND for websites to do.

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