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Philadelphia, PA

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Re: Move to FiOS TV from DirecTV?


About a month and a half ago I decided to leave DTV and Comcast (internet) mainly for financial reasons. I moved to a FIOS triple play. The bundle price I found to be very good! Kudos to FIOS in that area. DTV just cant compete with FIOS bundle pricing.

Regarding your question about quality issues. About two weeks in to my new service, I dropped the TV service and stuck with their phone and 25/25 double play. The main reason being is that I found the FIOS HD pic quality to be very soft compared to DTV. I was completely underwhelmed and very dissapointed. I fell for the hype about FIOS HD being uncompressed, and therefore, being the most sharpest in the biz. Other issues with pic quality too, but I won't elaborate unless you wish. DTV's equipment and GUI are also much better then Verizon's in my opinion.

Roughly a week after I ditched DTV, I got one of their "we want you back" re-connect special pricing offers in the mail. I ended up going back and im glad I did. To be fair to FIOS, I feel their phone and internet services to be very good. The HD quality problems I wrote about are my experience, maybe yours will be different. Good luck with whatever decision you make.