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Simi Valley, CA

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Cedar Creek/Fishbowl Loop Trail hike

Did some hiking on the Cedar Creek/Fishbowl Loop trail yesterday. This trail is a 15 mile loop with both trail heads located about 2 miles apart on Grade Valley Road (aka forest service road 7N03), which is a crappy dirt road in the middle of no where running North/South in the Los Padres forest.

I started at the Cedar Creek trail head with the intention of hiking to the Cedar Creek campsite (a little over 2 miles in), and then on to the Fishbowl campsite (about 5 miles in) and then turn around and head back as opposed to hiking the entire loop.

The trip took longer than I thought, and I didn't quit make it to the Fishbowl campsite before I had to turn around and head back due to time constraints (I always let someone know where I'm going, and I told them I would be back by 5pm).

Anyway, I really like this area. I absolutely love deep back country forests full of pine trees.

Here's the trail head...

Heading out...

Creek getting low on water...

Along the trail...

Neat rock...

More of the forest...

Large dead tree across the trail with a section cut out...

Another downed tree. What made the holes? Bugs?

Here's the Cedar Creek campsite. There was a group of about 8 adults camped there from the night before...

The trail is flat up to the campsite, but right after that it turns to steep switchbacks that go up the side of a mountain. These really slowed me down and killed my time. Here's some pics I took while ascending before I had to turn around and head back...

Great place, but too far away for day hiking to see all of it (about a 3 hour drive from Ventura). Next time I go back I'll have to take the over-night gear and spend a couple of days at least.

Till next time...
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The OC
Thanks for sharing this.

The holes are from woodpeckers.

united state
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Cool pics:)

Novato, CA
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