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Re: Red Hat users pay up to run Fedora on Windows 8 machines

said by signmeuptoo:

SIf I were to build an Ivy Bridge system/Intel chipset w/UEFI, is it guarenteed that I can turn off secure boot? Will I have to shop carefully for a board that will?

Not guaranteed - it's a decision made by the BIOS implementor and the motherboard vendor. The only guarantee is that if you buy a *system* with a Microsoft Windows 8 logo, then you *will* be able to disable secure boot.

I'd guess, but it's only a guess, that major motherboard vendors will also follow suit. Cheapskates, maybe not so much.

What is supposed to be the point of secure boot, is it just a way to drive sales?

Anti-rootkit, basically. It's an assurance that what you're booting is what you think you're booting.