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Orange, CA

This will sell.

I think this will sell, just like a Sirius/XM Radio subscription. (And you can hook customers in by offering it for free 3 months with the purchase of a new car).

Think of the possibilities:

- Live traffic updates that your satnav can use to get you to your destination a different route. (Think accidents, unscheduled road construction, special events/sportsgames that cause traffic near arena's etc.
- Live updates to your destination library, such as "give me the route to the Aerosmith concert tonight", after which it will quickly find out where Aerosmith plays tonight, and map you right to it. SatNav systems are already getting voice control, why not make it more interactive.
- Make it even more interesting, Siri Style: At 2:00 AM - "Give me a route to the nearest coffee place that is still open". - Satnav will use GPS, perhaps a Yelp like service to determine opening hours, and route you there.
- "Give me the latest information on flight AA654" - you are picking up someone and you want to know if it is on time.

I see great potential for voice operated services. No one should text and drive or operate too many buttons and drive, but voice activated services, built into your car, somewhat like the iPhone siri.... could have really great benefits if done right.
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