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reply to TheMG

Re: I think this is a good idea.

said by TheMG:

Remote starting? Not on my car.

I get in the car COLD, even when it's -30 celsius. Start it up, let it run for about a minute, and drive.

It only needs 30-60 seconds to get the oil flowing and to build up a little heat in the cylinders. After that just drive gently until the engine comes up to full operating temperature.

Remote-starting a car and letting it run until the inside is nice and cozy warm is just a useless waste of gas. Sadly it is something which a LOT of people are doing. On those cold winter days you can see dozens of cars idling everywhere, in every parking lot and on every residential street. It's ridiculous.

Nobody buys a remote start to warm up the engine. When it's cold out I want that fucker toasty warm when I get in. Wasteful? Yes. But I can afford to waste the gas.