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New York, NY

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Re: [Sci-Fi] Prometheus Imax 3D

I've seen it, I liked it, I would watch it again,.....


At first I couldn’t quite reconcile the first scene where the “Engineer” essentially sacrificed himself. However, I suppose it was an act to seed the planet with varied life using the Engineer‘s DNA as a base. Death to bring life. Presumably only to return and destroy that life later. I guess the intentions of the Engineer’s were never really addressed.

The ending seemed to suggest the possibility of another movie with Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and a damaged David (Michael Fassbender) taking an Engineer ship and going deeper into Engineer territory,….or to the next engineered planet.

I really liked the original “Alien” movie although it is a little tame (slow) by today’s standards and somewhat dated with respect to special effects. I really liked “Aliens” as well.

For what its worth, my Wife and I caught a matinee of Prometheus in 3D. We were going out of town and she said we had time to see it before leaving and she knew how much I wanted to see it. She’s a good sport considering its not her type of movie.