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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

So what classes did you all try out? I played a ranger first BWE and liked it a lot. I played a Champion this time and liked it less. Not that it was bad, but it's a strange hybrid/support class. Heavy armor, mele weapons, staffs, and heals. My starting weapon was a mace, my second was a 2 handed healing staff. Seems like it would take some getting used to. I got her up to around level 14.

One thing I noticed about the Norn starting area that I didn't notice in the Human area of the first BWE is that I was constantly 2-3 levels underlevelled for the content. I finished the starting area with 100% map completion at level 13. The events at that time are level 15, and when you move on to the next area level 16 and 17 mobs are out in the world. Made my champ feel kind of under powered. But still had a blast, this is my next big game for sure. Hope D3 and my backlog can keep me occupied till this comes out.