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reply to firephoto

Re: Red Hat users pay up to run Fedora on Windows 8 machines

said by firephoto:
You're on a roll this morning.

Try the veal.... tip your waitress... I am here all week! badddabump....

said by firephoto:
I agree this isn't much about real security, manipulating competition is far more important to the players involved who don't have much of a history of actually competing against each other.

This pandering to the secure boot settings ensures one thing too for sure, Microsoft will retain a large number of installations due to dual boot on oem machines and it's possibly what this whole psych game is about.
DING DING DING DING!! ! ! some one else who didn't drink or inhale!

said by firephoto:
The reality of it is that it doesn't affect a majority slice of the overall Linux pie, just one of the more noisy pieces with a big corporate megaphone.
Don't matter how much they are running their mouthpice, they don't have much positive "cred" with me. And with this I would serious start to question their involvement in things like the kernel and look at any code contribution as tainted and possible security risk.

This thing stinks more than a landfill on a 102 degree August day!