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TeleBlend feature to intercept calls

TeleBlend has this feature that don't advertise much where you can hear the person leaving you a voicemail on an application on your computer. If you want to interrupt them and take the call you can do that as well. Is this free? I stumbled on it and I am not sure if it is something I should bring to their attention. Does anyone else using TeleBlend have this feature? I switched my phone from Vonage a few months ago and have never seen anything like it.

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
This is not so unusual.

Various providers---as one example, Google Voice---have this.


Leesburg, VA
reply to CoxWiscon
The featured is called Visual Voicemail. It is offered through our PowerMail add-on feature. The application sits on your computer, and when a call comes in you can either pick up the call, send it voicemail and listen to it as it is being left and interrupt the call if you want to talk to the person. It is an additional $1.00 a month. Let us know if you need more information.


Thanks. Did not know Google Voice had the feature, but I don't know if GoogleVoice is a home phone line since that is what I was looking for when I switched from Vonage. I do know that Vonage does not have this feature in the voicemail. It is very cool. I have not been charged for it, but even at a $1.00, it seems worth it. I was sitting at Starbucks and listening to someone leave me a message at home. I think I got some looks when I said "wow" out loud. Thanks guys for the info. I will send them an email so they don't accidentally remove the feature from my line since I wasn't paying for it.