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Brampton, ON
reply to the cerberus

Re: Rogers Ultimate HU Speed Upload Update

said by the cerberus:

said by JCohen:

said by aereolis:

Officially speedboost is the first 100MB. I read it somewhere on their website.

Speedboost is for the first 10MB not the first 100MB.

officially it is for the first 10MB.
but technically if you've actually experienced it, there is no way this is true.
Its for ~20 seconds, and sometimes its 5MB/s, sometimes more , sometimes less, you can work out that if its going 5MB/s and the speedboost is longer than 2 seconds (speedtest takes around 7secs and still reports a faster speed) that its almost always much more than 10MBs!!!

Anyways speedboost is variable speed, and is by TIME not DATA, therefore, it cant simply be the first 10MB....

So be it, it says 10. Maybe i remembered reading 10, and tried comparing it to a download and saw it last a lot longer than 10, close to 100 and that stuck in my mind.... either way, 10MB must be wrong.