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Brookline, MA
reply to Nailgunner

Re: spam from magicJack (advertising email, can't unsubscribe)

said by Nailgunner:

I did not receive the offer. I did had my email preference set to "off". So maybe as you guessed earlier, toggling in on and off will fix your issue.

I think the chances of it making any difference are remote, especially since the old address, which is no longer associated with the MJ account, got the email as well. It's good that they only send the offer every 6 months, but then again it's easier to get away with not having a working unsubscribe method if they're spaced out like that. They certainly have the resources to test one of their emails to make sure the links all work before sending them in bulk, if they wanted to. I predict that in 6 months, when they send out the next batch, the unsubscribe link (if there is one) still won't work.