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Tuscaloosa, AL

Wow, this deal stinks!

Holy price gouging, Batman!

This is a horrible deal, no matter how you look at it.

As much as I like Verizon's coverage, I very well might switch carriers if they try to force me onto this plan.

My views are my own.
They're all going to go the same way. But remember, there is no collusion going on here either. And while I'm on that, they can't claim this is competition either.. and they can't say it's NOT collusion.. it's EASY for the cellular industry to make these drastic changes in an "open market" where the overwhelming majority of their customers are on contracts.. that buys them time to slow the churn in their own market/industry... moves like this in the retail sector such as wal-mart or target (in their own rights) would never survive because the customer can stop shopping one day and be done with one retailer and walk into another's door.

I"d normally call for regulation, but 1) I am not large on government involvement.. and 2) the government that controls this industry is already, well, the mouse is guarding the cheese already.


Tuscaloosa, AL
I think that a small amount of regulation could help the problem. It would go like this:

First, all carriers operating in the United States would have to use the same wireless technology. We're getting there with LTE, so we could standardize on that. Second, all phones sold must support all bands and be operable on all carriers. That way, you could take a phone from one carrier to another and use it on any of them. Third, any phone purchased must come unlocked and usable on any carrier, with all carrier-dependent software being capable of being uninstalled. This includes phones purchased on subsidy, since wireless contracts are tied to a person and not a phone. Yes, the customer gets a discounted phone, but they're still bound under that contract, regardless of which phone they use, and the ETF still applies, so there is no reason to lock a phone.

The carriers will hate this, but it would help customers tremendously.