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And you think At@t is going to be any better?


Mineral Wells, TX
said by beans :

And you think At@t is going to be any better?

very true, at&t will prob make it worse!!, ill stick with the old idea all together, the 2 major carriers know no one is using minutes like they use to...and so one of the major cash cows are gone, thus they force a unlimited voice on to people with family plan, on top of that they also know texting is slowly goin away... AT&T has said time and time again they want it all data, but I fear its not what people think these compnays want the bills to be above 100 or more every month, if even a fraction of that goes they revese course quick and find another option to recoup

and thats excatly what you see here, Verizon knows minutes are not being used so why not force unlimited (no one is gonna use it anyways lol)