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[Business] How to reset SMC with browser

Hey everyone,

I've got an SMC business cable modem running and I noticed that when I log in with cusadmin, there is no provision to reset the modem using the browser. This is very annoying because I have 5 IPs and the modem running in "bridge mode" and sometimes I make changes to MAC addresses facing the modem and need to remotely restart the modem (because it locks in those MAC addresses). After wading through the dial-a-maze, sitting on hold for a bit, and finally talking with the Comcast support person at 4am, I was told it's not possible.

Well, I thought that was bubkis, so I did some research and found older modems with different firmware could be reset with the browser by issuing an HTTP GET request to this URL:


I tried that and got a 404, but with some tinkering I found my modem would respond to


The problem is, the querystring portion ?reset_modem=xxx does not work. No matter what I send I get a blue "Comcast Business Gateway" screen but nothing happens. I need to find out what the full HTTP querystring is that needs to be sent to the modem, which should exist in the HTML webpage code on firmware versions that haven't been adulterated.

If anyone has any ideas, please post! Thanks!


I don’t know about the query string portion. But you can try these steps to reset SMC with your browser.
1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to »
2. Navigate to the Tools menu and click on "Configuration Tools."
3. Click on "Reset" to reset the router to factory defaults.
You can also try to hard reset your SMC by following the steps below.
1. Shut down your computer.
2. Insert a sharp object like a paper clip into the reset button of your SMC router. The reset button is usually recessed to protect you from mistakenly resetting your router. It may not be readily visible. Press the reset button for 15 seconds.
3. While still pressing the reset button, unplug the router from the wall outlet. Keep the router unplugged and the reset button pressed for an additional 15 seconds.
4. Plug the router back into the wall outlet while continuously pressing the router reset button for an additional 15 seconds. If the lights on the router are flashing, you have successfully performed a reset of your SMC router.

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Steps 1-3 are not applicable for the SMCD3G-CCR business gateway device used by the OP.

The remaining steps are not what the OP is looking for (especially since the OP has static IP addresses, and a factory reset kills the static IP config which then needs to be restored by a Comcast tech).
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reply to ishmell
it's not bubkis. The tools/reset portion of the web interface isn't enabled with cusadmin login. You'd need the full access login, which comcast doesn't give out.
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Well, I meant bubkis in the sense that it was not possible with the cusadmin user. It appears that Comcast has only removed the user interface portion from the HTTP pages presented to the cusadmin user. They did not, however, remove the actual page itself that initiates the reboot/reset, and that's why I'm on the hunt for any ideas people might have as to what the proper HTTP GET or HTTP POST data must be sent to that page in order to trigger a reboot of the modem.

Anyone with a modem that does have a reboot/reset user interface presented to them, please try to investigate the HTML presented to you by right clicking in the browser window and clicking "view source". Somewhere in the HTML code will be what the browser actually sends the modem when the reset button/link is clicked. There may be some javascript involved as well, like an alert or confirmation box. If anyone knowledgeable about such things has a Comcast modem that is similar to mine, but does have the reset option presented to them, please post your findings (or just post the HTML)


reply to Markart
said by Markart:

1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to »
2. Navigate to the Tools menu and click on "Configuration Tools."
3. Click on "Reset" to reset the router to factory defaults.

If your modem presents you with this option, can you right click your browser window and click "view source" and post the portion of HTML code? Another alternative is to use a browser like Internet Explorer and leverage the "Save As" functionality to save the contents of the page you are viewing, then zip and post those files. It will let me see exactly what the modem is expecting to receive from the browser when you click reset. Then I can try to emulate this on my modem.