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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

Universal Truth

I've been saying this for a long time... nearly as long as I had been saying that the 250GB Comcast usage cap had nothing to do with addressing congestion, but was an artificially created measure to prevent services such as Netflix/iTunes from competing.

"A carrier does not do anything to actually save a customer money."

I don't care if it's device subsidies, voice minutes, data, or SMS... A carrier will never do anything to save a customer money.

Count on it. That the truth now and it will always be this way.
"We're going to start at one end of (Fallujah), and we're not going to stop until we get to the other. If there's anybody left when that happens, we're going to turn around and we're going to go back and finish it."
Lt. Col. Pete Newell: 1st Inf. US Army