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Lost today

You can keep unlimited.

You can keep unlimited, you just have to buy phone's at full retail price.



I pay $270 a month now

I have 5 phones on a family plan.

2 smartphones (iPhones)
2 samsung rouges (regular phone)
1 LG env touch (regular phone)

1400 shared minutes, unlimited texting for all phones AND unlimited data for all

the "regular" phones are not technically smart phones, but I can browse and check emails, etc

So under the "new plan" I would pay

$80 for the 2 smarts
$90 for the 3 not so smarts

$170 right there

Not sure how much data I use, maybe its in the 6 to 8 MB range

So what am I really saving?

Dont forget my $270 includes insurance on the smart phones, taxes and fee's and a 22% discount on the family plan (not the data)

So is it worth it to switch?