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Golden, CO

[Business] Problem logging into SMCD3G BC Modem

I just wanted to check my bonding information and went to login to my modem but cusadmin/highspeed is no longer working. I've not changed the password that I'm aware of. Is the only option I have to hard-reset the modem? Will i have to manually reconfigure it to reconnect or will the IP/connection info be restored via comcast on initialization?



Wilsonville, OR
If you reset your device and the older firmware was downgraded back to - you can either call in to get your password reset to cusadmin, or wait for a few hours and see if the automated network process sets it back to defaults -

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The Boro
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reply to rhuk
If you have a static IP account, either you or a Comcast CSR may need to do a factory reset, and then Comcast will need to rebuilt your profile and push it to the router. Some have reported that a tier 2 CSR can delete and recreate the cusadmin account remotely, but that was not my experience after the firmware was reloaded in my router.

If you have a dynamic IP address account, possibly just doing a factory reset will restore your cusadmin account to factory defaults, and Comcast's DHCP will get you connected OK.

Either way, if a factory reset is done, you will need to manually restore any custom rules or config changes you have programed into your router.
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Golden, CO
reply to rhuk
Thanks guys. I ended up calling tech support and they reset the password for me.