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Plano, TX
reply to CBD_DFW

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

said by CBD_DFW :


Thanks SketchyONE. I tried unplugging the box for more than a minute at your suggestion. Unplugging for an hour seemed to do the trick as my last couple of shows recorded normally and the nav functions work during playback. Go figure.

Ya welcome, seems when all else fails you just have unplug the darn box for a while. Really should not have to do that all the time when you pay ~$20 for each box anymore.

If they are going to charge as much as they do at least get better equipment with bigger hard drives that don't spazz out every day or two.
I digress.
"I'm new I don't know what to do"


Frisco, TX

Is anybody having serious problems with NBC on TWC today? I am getting serious pixelation, audio dropouts, etc., while watching the US Open. Other channels seem to be okay, and I have tried both tuners on my TiVo and both tuners on the Motorola DVR...all have the same issue. Anybody else seeing this?



Arlington, TX

Today's Legal Notice for TWC had:

KAZD HD Being added to 399 (Dallas Metro), 722 (Greenville/Commerce)

KFWD SD being added to basic channel 22 in (Greenville/Commerce) they already have the HD version. (KFWD is rumored become MundoFox affiliate for Dallas come August)

These are finally being added in Greenville years after Dallas got them:
MTV Hits being added to channel 290 in (Greenville/Commerce)
Logo being added to channel 151 in (Greenville/Commerce)
Nicktoons being added to channel 123 in (Greenville/Commerce)

Dallas only adds:
PAC12 national Network being added to Sports tier Channel 196
PAC12 national Network HD being added to Sports tier Channel 808



Do any Time Warner routers support Wake on Lan?

If so which ones


Arlington, TX

Major QAM changes happened over night:

QAM frequencies went all over the place:

567MHz moved to 153MHz
573MHz moved to 645MHz
645MHz moved to 135MHz which was analog 16 with color test bars
807MHz moved to 567MHz
813MHz moved to 573MHz

so now 807MHz and 813MHz are open and I assume they might be getting ready to add more DOCSIS channels to them because they did not light up new SDV QAMs on them or move other digital channels to these frequencies.

QAM tuner users will need to rescan to get:
CSPAN digital
Discovery SD digital
Leased Access
QVC digital
WGN America digital
KXTX Telemundo 39 HD