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Internet Lagging. High Transmit Power Levels.

Over the last couple of weeks, out internet has been going in and out. The phones went out occasionally, too. Playing in a game on Xbox Live, I would frequently lag out and not be able to get back in a game. Yesterday, we had someone from Time Warner come out, and he said our Transmit Power Level was too high. It was 51.5 when he looked at out. He told us we need to have it under 50.0 for it to not have problems. When he tested our wires, he found a "bad wire," which he, my father, and I replaced. We went to check the Transmit Power Level, and it was at about 48.0. Later that evening, my game started lagging again, and the Transmit Power Level was above 50.0 again.
Today, the Transmit Power Level has been going crazy. At one point (while my game was off), it hit 57.0. While I was playing, I watched it go all over the place from 53.0 to 49.5. I stayed in the game for a while, but it finally started lagging too much for normal gameplay. I don't know how we're supposed to keep this Transmit Power Level below 50 at all times.

I'm desperate for something to WORK. I really don't know much about this stuff, so I apologize if this is hard to follow.


Also, I forgot to post my location. I'm in Silsbee, TX.

Either it is a bad modem, which the tech should have caught, if he used his meter to check signal and saw one TX on the meter and another showing in the modem or a bad line.

Do you have a amp?


Don't know exactly what that is, but I don't think so.