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just wow


Huntsville Knology - DOCSIS 3.0 weirdness

well guys;
I'm not sure if their techs read this forum, but whatever!

Background story:
older cisco modem I had for 4 years has been fine , with random hiccups/here/there.......

So to cure my issues the other day; I exchanged for a different arris modem.

It was a docsis 2.0 modem.
That modem was allowing me to "burst" past my 25meg area I was paying for (EDGE), sometimes getting download rates at 27, 28, 29.....

I've been getting 4-6meg download on it for as long as Ive had edge, with random hiccups pushing the upload rates to 1-2megs etc...all fixed with calls for a tech to come out.

So, I asked for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, they gave me one.
I hook it up, and I'm capping at 30-31meg down (bursting to that rate from the 25), and download rates are lightning quick at the 6meg rate.

This is with a ARRIS DG860
I call up knology to ask them why does the modem say its DOCSIS 2.0 on, and they say: oh.....we have to push a new config...I said sure..

So after the customer service rep on the phone did all that; my download rates never exceed 25meg anymore, the "burst to 29-31meg" is gone...

I call up another tech 10min later, to inquire about this; and he told me that his manager told him that the new config that was pushed to me; they implemented a hard cap of 25meg(removing the burst capability) to go near the 29-31meg range...

This is ridiculous....
After this config push from the first tech call; my download never exceeds 25meg, and my upload speed seems to be capped at 1.72meg; though they deny the upload rate is due to the config; and they blame it on "peak time"

But I have to say that is weird, because I tested this DG860 the split second I got home; and the downloads were 31meg, uploads were 6meg

Now that this "config" was pushed to the DG860 doesn't exceed 25meg, and upload is consistently "seemingly capped" at 1.72meg.

They said to monitor the upload for 1 week to see if this is consistent.

I find it that it is no coincidence that after this tech pushed this "SHITTY" new config for whatever reason; that my upload rate is crap.

I just want to know if anyone has heard of this crap; bursting removed w/ new configs pushed to DOCSIS 3 modems on knology, and upload oddities?

Docsis 2 modem was FINE with edge, with BURST...

/RANT off

something just seems off, and doesnt seem right....i almost want the docsis 2.0 modem back, i may exchange it back.