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Dazed Confused
Mount Vernon, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to fotomatt1

Re: Verizon FINALLY pulling cable in my NYC apartment building!!

Actually, this may be the first building I've seen (and I've seen hundreds believe me) that they are prewiring fiber into every apartment. Most have a box on the floor in a closet or slop sink or on a staircase and the tech runs a new fiber at installation time through a wiremold. On some new buildings and renos they run a conduit with a drag to each apartment and the tech runs a new fiber at installation.
My building was built around 1937 and the copper is in the walls. It is old and brittle and in the past POTs techs have had to go out a window and over the roof. That plus Verizon's decision that any POTs line in a FIOS area with 2 trouble reports in a year will be put on fiber is , I believe, the driver for this.


New York, NY
My building is almost 100 years old as well, and I think they chose to run fiber to each unit from the demarc to avoid any trouble later on since the building is so old. I just can't believe this install has been going on for 14 months! I know the strike factored in quite a bit, but I just want it to be done already.


New York, NY
reply to Pathfinder
When they did the installation in our building early this year, they ran fiber through the wiremold in the hallways to each apartment. All the installer had to do was retrieve it from there and complete actually pulling it into the apartment.