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Las Vegas, NV
reply to Graycode

Re: PayPal demands SSN and DOB for US Residents

I would agree with eveyone's posts. I just bought something 2 weeks ago and paid with Paypal of course. I have never provided my SSN or DOB to them. And it's not asking for it. I think we should all sign a petition or something against this invasion of privacy.

The Patriot Act is forcing them to comply with SSN and DOB is ridiculous. I think they just made it up and want it for their own marketing or ill willed pursuits. I hate Paypal but since Ebay bought them they pretty much made it the status quo. How this isn't a monopoly or anti-competitive is beyond me.


Atlanta, GA
reply to Graycode
I would worry more about PayPal having your bank acct number & cash than last 4 digits of your SSN.

Freeze your credit and subscribe to one of those ID theft monitoring services if this still bothers you.
got anti-virus and firewall?


Houston, TX
reply to Graycode
PayPal won't let me transfer funds from my bank account now unless I cough up my SSN.
They haven't frozen my account, though, because I just made a purchase today using PayPal funds.

I have never received money via PayPal. I have never sold anything on eBay.
I created my PayPal account and a dedicated small bank account to make occasional purchases only (usually where CC is not accepted and on eBay).

My PayPal usage is very limited -- at most a couple hundred bucks worth of purchases per YEAR.

I successfully transferred funds from my bank account on January 20, 2012. I thought this law went into effect in 2011? Must have had a compliance grace period.

Those who insist that this new requirement only applies to high-volume users are dead wrong.
I'm not sure why the IRS thinks it needs my info, given the very small amount of dollars being handled via PayPal on my account -- and ZERO income.

I'm never giving my SSN to PayPal, eBay or anyone else online, EVER. With ID theft an ever worsening problem, it boggles the mind why the US gummint would seek to put its citizens at increased risk, especially in cases where the amount of money involved is far below what's even reportable (ZERO income, even!). It's just stupid. My bank has my SSN, but I forked that over in person -- the alternative is to hide cash under the bed, et al.

Looks like I won't be shopping on eBay anymore. That's a shame, as I found lots of items that weren't available elsewhere. Oh well, it's eBay's loss -- guess they didn't have powerful enough lobbyists to prevent these new tax laws.

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still not asking me

Dana Point, CA
reply to andrewdna
They don't want you entire SSN just the last 4 digits. I'm willing to bet it is for security reasons so if an account gets hijacked, the hijackers, more than likely, don't know this information. PayPal is just verifying with your bank that this info is correct so you don't get your money stolen.

reply to iStrain

PayPal gives in after awhile?

So I had the same thing happen to me about 2 months ago.

I got a new credit card and bank account number and when I updated this info in PayPal I got the same "provide proof of ID" stuff. I rarely use PayPal, and I have had $50 or so sitting there (there were some comments that long standing money triggered the ID request). I ignored the ID requests and provided no further info nor did I contact anyone at PayPal (just read up on their FAQs and some other online sources). In the mean time I received copious reminders from "service@paypal" that my PayPal account required some action to resolve an issue. All of which I ignored.

Then today, I received the following email from PayPal:

"We have completed our review and have returned your account to regular

Thank you for your patience during this process and for helping to make
PayPal the safest and most trusted online payment solution."

I logged in an everything looks okay. . .

So I figure it's like I tell my girlfriend: If you ignore these things long enough they solve themselves.