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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

Wolfpack of Reseda: A web series.

I was checking out IMDB for a TV show. I decided to see if an actor from a canceled series has found new work.
Meaning I stumbled upon this:
Wolfpack of Reseda

It's a web series about a guy that thinks he was bitten by a werewolf.

This thread isn't about the show, but it's about "web series".

I recall, recently seeing AT&T running an ad campaign [I don't recall if it was for a phone or service], but the ad was also a "teaser" for an AT&T web show.
Is there a "guide" or place to go to to look up shows that are just produced for the web? Something like a TV guide, but only for web shows.

I know You tube has a few shows on it, but some of the series aren't hosted on youtube. So besides word of mouth or stumbling upon them, how can you find them?

Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.