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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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[CDV] comcast voice

Sorry this is in the internet forum but there isnt a forum for comcast voice (phone) service. Does anyone know what equipment they use to add on phone service? Right now i own my own zoom cable modem for internet and have it connected to a netgear router. Would i still be able to use that equipment or if they install voice along with internet wuld i have to use a different cable modem? Or is voice all separate and they add it onto a separate cable line (apart from your internet) in your apartment?

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Re: comcast voice

Comcast will supply a voice capable cable modem (called an eMTA) for your voice service, and typically it will be added in parallel to your existing HSI by just using a coax splitter (just the same as additional set top boxes for TV service are added). I can't imagine Comcast actually adding a separate drop for your CDV service, especially in an apartment installation where new coax cable runs are typically not done unless there is no other choice because the existing cable is damaged.

You can continue to use your existing cable modem for HSI, or you can have Comcast setup the new eMTA to handle both CDV and HSI.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
No i love my zoom modem/netgear router combo i dont want to give that up i'd rather them put in a separate voice modem for phone service.

Also the new apartment i'm moving into has like 3 cable outlets/hookups. The person living there before had voice, internet and tv.

Carpentersville, IL
reply to Mattftlaud3
Since you own your Zoom Cable Modem, you should have no problems keeping it.

If your new apartment does have 3 physical cable hookups, then you should be able to use one for internet (with your current modem), one for voice (with the comcast supplied eMTA), and one for cable TV.

The question that may be hard to answer is which one is best for each device. Depending on how the line is split into your apartment, you would want to try to avoid having your internet and TV on the same leg.

Now, if the main line that comes into your unit is split 3 ways (using a 3 way splitter), then it should not be a problem. However, if its a 2 way splitter, and then another 2 way splitter, you would want to have your cable modem on the 1st split.

Again, that may be very hard (if not impossible) to figure out.

--Brian Plencner

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Bristol, CT
reply to Mattftlaud3
Yes, you can do this either way. In my case, the signal is not so great that I wanted another splitter in the system, so my internet and voice are both through my eMTA modem, which is Docsis 3.0 and does a good job anyway...however, as long as your signal is clean/strong enough to handle it, there is nothing wrong using your zoom modem for HSA and splitting to the eMTA for phone service.
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