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« Missed it by 2 miles
This is a sub-selection from Utopia FTTH

A hot cup of integrals please

Rego Park, NY
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Re: Utopia FTTH

»www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/RL33110.pdf seems to offer a reasonable summary of expenses incurred since 9/11... this and most sources corroborate the widely-accepted fact that we spend HUNDREDS of billions of dollars on our efforts in the Middle East every year, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have together formed the longest period of military intervention in US history, far outdoing what we did in Vietnam. Also, this is not to mention the domestic R&D funding that goes into our operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world (i.e. DoD projects, DARPA R&D funds, the CIA's covert operations which barely have any congressional oversight (sometimes they actually draw out of the CIA's discretionary budget and therefore are off the record even for congressional staff, let along mere mortals like you and me...) Throw in the drastic increase in funding for the NSA's domestic wiretapping and realtime data analysis programs, and yes, you do in fact have expenses going FAR past the trillion-dollar mark, all aimed directly or indirectly at supporting the wars we are currently fighting (or at least protecting the country from the potential backlash due to out presence in places like Iraq and Afghanistan...)
Physics: Will you break the laws of physics, or will the laws of physics break you?
If physicists stand on each other's shoulders, computer scientists stand on each other's toes, and computer programmers dig each other's graves.