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Basement Dweller

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reply to 88615298

Re: Who gives a shit?

said by 88615298:

Yes yes we all hate paying for shit. Why can't real life be 100% free? It's just not fair that we have to pay for anything!

it's not fair having to pay more then something is worth, the basis of "trade" originally was to trade one thing(be it time or products) for something else(time or products) at as close to equivalently , then someone came up with the idea of currency, which in turn created a situation where someone could trade in-equivalently for time or products, merchants wouldn't go out and sell goods and travel, they would buy goods before they got to places, and sell them for more then they purchased them for, or work with others ones to do the same thing, or hire people underneath them to do the job for them, welcome to the creation of management.

so try and tell me how "paying for anything" equates to anything resembling fair.

how is having someone come into your company, tell you whats wrong with it getting paid a stupid sum of money, and walking off without solving the problem "fair".

how is someone that goes to work, at most 50 days in a year, gets paid more then someone who's at work every day of the year with more education.

sorry princess, the people that actually WORK should get paid, the people that programmed the application do get paid(you pay for premium features of the program), the upper management (which is usually under worked to an amount that would make most people vomit) are the only ones that are making money off of this, considerably more then the people actually producing the program or providing support for it.

again, explain how that is fair.

don't get me started on "professional unions", make sure you pay your protection money now children. but don't get in trouble because we won't do anything for you if your smart and productive, now if your stupid and useless, expect to have a job forever.

also think about how much they had to "pay" someone to add this new "feature", when it already worked perfectly(barring needed updates and bug fixes), it costs more to add to a program then it does to keep the backend and bugfixing.