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Des Moines, IA

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reply to GrandMstrBud

Re: [IA] Mediacom shut me off

said by GrandMstrBud:

Dumb bastards shut me off for some copyright crap. Well good reddens and hell I may just turn off a few business accounts and put them on DSL just because I can.

HAHA good luck with that. Most ISP do it. Especially since some new bills have been passed even more will. Learn to do it safely and you won't get caught.

said by drslash:

said by wpbear:

Shutting off internet if there is no other HSI provider at the address should be illegal! That would be the same as turning my water or power off if I grew hydroponic weed and got caught.

No, not the same. You need water to be able to live. You don't need HSI to live. Even when they throw your butt in jail for growing weed, they will supply you with water to drink. They won't supply you with HSI in jail. LOL!

Exactly. Internet is a privilege, not a right or a need. You do stupid things and get caught, you have to pay the consequences.

said by GrandMstrBud:

I honestly don't care anymore it's saving me a bill I can use a data card or use the neighbors myself. Plus mediacoms business accounts are ridiculously expensive so gives me a reason to switch a few of those out to century link now. It just pisses me off in a way because I've had mediacom for over 12 years now for my internet. I don't use them for TV or phone just internet.

Even funnier your going to CL. They shut you off for copyright infringement as well. Guess you'll be switching to someone new again soon.

Google safe ways to download things. You'll be amazed.