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Re: Caps and overages are different than metered billing

No problem regulating that too. Electricity companies would surely love to charge $2/W, but the government actually forces them to just pass on their cost from the generator and limits what they can add on for delivery based on their actual overhead. The ISPs are making a lot more money with flat-fee unlimited plans than they would with true metered service, regulated by market competition or monopoly oversight


I doubt that ISP capping/metering will be regulated any time soon...at least as long as the ISPs don't go totally insane with pricing structures and rate increases. Raising rates incrementally over time seems to only mildly irritate consumers, not regulators.

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I think we would only see full head on regulation if the ISPs went to a completely metered system with no initial cap.

usage based billing will completely destroy rich media internet advertising. not that such is a bad thing but nobody will want some web site's video ad chewing up their bill.
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and thats prob why they wont, cause most of them make side money threw that.., but they are playing a very risky game with the internet in time it will bite back and hard, this will more than likely go to usage based completely but no flat fee, instead you pay by the gigabyte maybe a little over but still.. now that alone would crush the cable industry they would become full out dumb pipes. As we see now their trying to do whatever they can to stop that but the more they push the more the internet and the people will push back and eventually it will come to reality I personally do not see the cable companies being so called bundle everythin companies in the next 10 years, they will only be offering internet service maybe tv still but wont be as a big push as it is now cause it will be completely over the internet

now of course the infrastructure to support that idea isnt quite their so maybe 10-15 years but either way their models will have to change weather they like it or not, all of them keep crying for more money and lower caps just wait and see what happens in the future!