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[netopia] Netopia Modem Double Nat Problem(XBOX)

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My xbox nat type is open, but still can't connect to friends, so obviously my nat is doubled. My routers ip and modems differ, but both start with I was wondering how do I fix these problems. I Think you have to bridge the two together to get one ip and one open nat, but I have no clue how to do that, any help guys?

My router webpage is a top it's linkys and my modem I want to bridge it to is a netopia modem webpage is like cayman 3000 or something like that.


Mundelein, IL
Even if the IP out of the modem is 192.168.5.x and the IP out of the router is 192.168.6.x - you are still doing double NAT, which is a problem...

Best method would be to put the modem in "bridge mode" where it hands the real IP from your ISP (not a 192.168.x.x) directly to the router.

Second best would be connect the Xbox to the modem directly.

Third train-wreck of a solution would be to port forward through both the modem and the router: » ··· box-live