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Santa Cruz, CA

40 Mbps need house wired with CAT5 cable?

My local ISP is apparently a fusion reseller. Reading on there website it says that you need CAT5 cable for the 40 Mbps service. Does the 40 Mbps use all 8 wires of a 40 Mbps service? They said you need a bonded ADSL2+ modem.


What are the wiring requirements for Velocity V40 service?

The wiring from the MPOE to the inside jack, and between the jack and the modem, must be Category 5 twisted pair cabling. No flat satin cables should be used. Any wiring exposed to the elements must be UV-stable.

Both Velocity V40 lines must terminate at the jack where the modem is plugged in. One line must be terminated on the inside pair and the other terminated on the outside pair.

Sunnyvale, CA

Bonded Fusion requires two pairs, one pair for each line. Cat 5 or Cat 5E is recommended but any quality twisted pair cable will work fine. If you have a dedicated run (no splices) of existing Cat 3 cable between NID and modem location, I would use it and not bother to replace it with Cat 5.

The description of the jack termination "inside pair" and "outside pair" is misleading since there are three pairs total on a RJ-11 jack. The first pair is indeed the innermost pair on pins 3+4 but the second pair is the pair immediately next to it on pins 2+5. The outermost pair on pins 1+6 is unused (many RJ-11 connectors/cables do not even connect those two pins).

Sometimes RJ-45 are used to terminate Cat5/Cat5E cable since it has 8 pins / 4 pairs. If you do that beware that the pin numbers change: first pair on pins 4+5 and second pair on pins 3+6.
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Santa Cruz, CA

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This apartment is old so not sure how well the wirting is.

I took off my phone jack and found 2 twisted pairs.

I was looking at switching form comcast but the setup fees seem a bit extreme

$100 setup free + a $250 modem + 80$ first month service.

That's 350$ to setup plus the monthly fee so it's $430 the first month? EEkk I cant do that.

Santa Rosa, CA
reply to pclover

Cat3 cable is just fine - as that's what the whole outside plant is made up of. The key thing with dual-line Fusion is that you use the line cord that comes with the modem, it's Cat3 twisted-pair. Old style "flat satin" grey line cord will not work.