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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to PRIUS

Re: [Homephone] Bell raised residential rates again (June 2012)

said by PRIUS:

Bell got caught in a lie on CBC Market Place April 6, 2012 when Bell told CBC that the Touch-Tone fee is mandated by the CRTC. After indepth investigation, the CBC reported back that the CRTC DOES NOT require Bell to charge for Touch-Tone. See the video below; as well, Bell's response: Touch-Tone Busted

Sortof. It is a fee that Bell asked for permission from the CRTC to charge when Touch Tone was introduced. The fee is part of an approved tariff.

Bell has simply never ASKED the CRTC to rescind the tariff item, and NOT charging it to someone would be against the tariff.

Bell is free to apply to the CRTC to remove the touch tone fee as an approved tariffed service, but why would they? Until then, they have to charge it to everyone, otherwise they're violating tariff.
MNSi Internet - »

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
Wasn't the touch tone fee supposed to cover the cost of the new equipment to support it way back when? That ship has LONG sailed as all switches are digital for how many years now, 15, 20?

Shouldn't the public be able to call out Bell on this bullshit and bring it in front of the CRTC?

This is profiteering at its finest.


Montreal, QC
said by HiVolt:

This is profiteering at its finest.

Same deal with the DSL modem rentals IMHO. DSL modems have dropped in price over the years, yet Bell recently increased the rental fee. And they also make it mandatory. My 2701 spent its time in its original box in a closet. I took it out one time as I was having a DSL outage, and I wanted to ensure it wasn't my Speedtouch the culprit (turned out it was a widely spread outage on Bell's end).