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no diploma/GED need help finding job agency in San Diego

I have no Diploma nor GED. I want to work but I dont know how to start. Slacking all day making me think of my future. So Stressful. I finally put my mind to it and start googling Job Agency but nothing.

Please can someone help me find a job agency that will automatically look for a job that suits me for me? I can be a janitor or anything that doe's not require education but it is so hard for me to find a job! I do speak english but I am shy alot if talking to someone I dont have right grammar to speak out. I lack communication maybe because I have light autism.

Anyway please someone help me find a job agency in andiego that will help me find a job please! I remember someone took me to this one place and all they do is let us use their computer to find a job in their data base all by myself. I am lost I dont know nothing! I need a job agency that goes through with me, that finds a job for me.

I also have questions for these site
Do I get paid while training? is no GED/diploma ok? anyone experience thsi place? is this place sleep there and eat there? if so, I dont want that I want a normal one.

is this one right one for me? is this a job agency that help me find a job? and even without ged/diploma?

note: i posted this but someone it doe's not show up.. only title of thread. maybe because I put link on it and it thought I post spam link so I am re-posting this with missing one W in the link.

Sun N Sand
Not to sound harsh (and I'm sure you've heard it before) go get your GED.
The lines are a mile long for unskilled labor jobs and you need to stand out.

Andy from CA
Anaheim, CA
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Kelly Services would be your first stop. I looked them up and there are a couple offices in San Diego. Give them a call and schedule an appointment.

However, I do agree with Waldonthe3rd as a GED would help you get more than industrial jobs. Also, you're at a disadvantage compared to those who graduated high school who I'm sure will get picked before you.

But do give Kelly a call. You can work part-time while getting that GED.


I see. Well what's the different between kelly and staffmark? they all the same right? or different?

If I choose either one and go to the local office.... what is the first thing I do? go up to the counter and say what? I want a job? what they do after that? do they walk you through and automatically choose the job for you?

Also is these two free of charge? no charge for their service?

O Rly?
Murrieta, CA

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