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Albany, GA
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Re: News?

"just read the TOS just read the TOS" you people do realize the TOS is NOT on the main mediacom website? i had no idea about the secondary website where the AUP for internet actually is located. and no you dont get any of it in writing "before" you sign, its not even in the fine print on the back of the work order form, all of that has to do with equipment fee's.

»www.mediacomcable.com is mediacoms website, i challenge you to find the AUP on it regarding the 250GB cap.

where is the AUP? wayyy over there >>> »www.mediacomtoday.com/aup NOT on the main mediacom website.

so people should read what has been hidden? seriously? so i can come to your house, have you sign a contract, do some work for you, then hold you to this "other" contract located in an office a few states over because, hey, you should have read it first, but by using my service you implicitly agree to it.

that makes perfect sense

edit: made mediacom main site link clickable