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Vanleer, TN

renewal options

I am coming up on my renewal date , I had the buy one get second year free plan ,

I cannot complain much at all about the services i got , few blips here and there .I'm looking for renewal options hoping they have some decent renewal plans for existing customers and hope they don't do like direct tv and give you the introductory offer and then after your there forget about you ,

so does this automatically renew or do i need to do something

so what are my options , as i said i cant not complain and actually enjoyed no phone bill for 2 years

any other decent alternatives to investigate

Aptos, CA

said by bbwithdrawls See Profile
so what are my options

Month to month or 12/24 month contracts.

»www.phonepower.com/services/voip ··· ?pid=128

24 month contracts work out to a shade under $20/mo with taxes/fees, 12 month contract is a couple bucks more.

I don't *think* you can re-do the two year prepay deal again.
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New York, NY
reply to bbwithdrawls
Last summer when my 2-year plan was up I was offered a one-year plan for $179 plus taxes ($228.73 with taxes). That is $19.06 per month which pretty much equates to the cost of the currently offered 24 month plan ($14.95/month or $19.66 with add-ons).

New York, NY
reply to bbwithdrawls
I just received a renewal offer from PhonePower with which I am quite pleased. Among the choices is a $149.95 prepaid annual plan, which is $203.04 with all taxes and fees. Last year they offered a $179.95 renewal so this year it is even less. I happily chose this new annual prepaid plan.

Thank you PhonePower.