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Cordova, TN
reply to Raphion

Re: Are you using security protection

said by Raphion:

said by Mele20 :
Currently, the last boot/reboot was 51 days ago.
51 days up is smalltime, I just ran my XP sp3 machine for 248 days straight before deciding it was really probably about time to let windows update do it's thing. I was tempted to just let it go a full year though, just because I know I could.

Have not had a BSOD or hard freeze in several years. Windows can indeed be stable if you weed out all bad drivers/hardware.

Truly high-quality systems will run thousands or tens of thousands or more of concurrent, disparate processes (jobs), full-out, 24/7, for months or even years on end with no unscheduled outages. No Windows system will ever come even close to that - both by nature and by design. Although today you might be able to fake some of this by deploying large numbers of VM instances on sufficiently robust hardware.