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Topeka, KS
reply to Josof

Re: [Vanilla] Good read on the Golden Age of World PvP

Something I'd like to see are "recruitment camps" that requests the help of adventurers to assist in the assault of a town/village. Holding a town for a particular amount of time give bonus honor/some conquest. There would be a maximum length of time for the assault, during which you have to then protect an NPC while he searches for something. Kind of like a mini-BG in the world, and the zerging guards are "turned off" for the event. The defending side could either attack the invaders directly, or do repeatable quests to spawn NPC defenders. Or possibly a single quest that lets you hop on a flyer and do bombing runs - without flagging you for pvp, so that the low levels on PvE servers can help without getting creamed/corpse-camped.

The attack-initiating quests would pop up randomly, with no set respawn timer.
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