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Rockaway Park, NY
reply to kilrathi

Re: [TWC] packet loss / service degraded - amp in rockaway park,

pattern is same with this problem:
during the night around same time as streetlights are on one of the upstream channels (4 bonded) goes out of spec on SNR(as told by escalation center and confirmed for 3 different nights vs days) while all other signal specs are within or close to perfection. This causes error rates that cause upstream drops and packet loss in range of 5-10% entire night or 9pm - 5am.

during the day between 5am-9pm that one upstream channel goes close or within snr and while according to escalation center there are still uncorrectables occuring its minor and thus connection during the day is pretty much smooth, can stream broadcast at 3000kbit without drops.

I thought this maybe temperature related but during last 3 weeks there were days when it was quite cool and hot and pattern never really break. So this is either related to interference such as streetlights or something that goes on at night every time, or maybe sun?

Either way this is clearly issue with interference at the pole either directly where I am hooked up or on the way to the node. I hope to get a plant tech to attempt to fix this. Its so frustrating when every day after 9pm (which is peak time for gaming especially when I am to broadcast and spectate clan matches etc....) I am unable to use connection as I normally would.