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Lockport, IL
reply to tcope

Re: Galaxy S3

said by tcope:

I want to get one but my full upgrade time is not until 11/12. Right now I only get around $150 off full price. I'll wait until next month and see what the deal is.

Right now I have a G2. LOVE the phone but really need a bigger screen. I like the ability on the S3 to take photos while recording video. Several other features I like as well.

For me, the breaking point price would be $350. Any more and I'll need to wait.

You won't see that price point by the time your eligible for an ungrade. I've been thinking and I might sell my gs2 to offset the cost of a full price t-mo gs3. I'm going to wait and see how the us version is before I make any commitments.
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Sandy, UT

If I was eligible for a full upgrade (22 months into contract) the phone should be $200 for the 16GB. If the phone retails at $650, right now I'd have $150 off or $500. There is another upgrade level at 20 months, which would be Sept for me. I think that might put the phone around $350. If correct, perhaps I can talk them into giving me that Sept price in July. Otherwise I'll need to wait.

The only thing I'm a little nervous about is if Android 4.0 is going to break my free tethering. From what I read, I might have that included in my 5GB Preferred Android plan. There is just no good way to tell.