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Re: Canadian VPN ISP

And how would you verify whether any member was trustworthy? Remember, it's not just whether they should trust you (I'm sure many here are savvy enough to isolate any such VPN server from the rest of their own network), but you have to trust THEM! Everything you do over the VPN will be visible to the VPN provider unless you're using secure protocols (e.g., https/SSL). That's why it's not that simple. You need some sort of "trust model", not just the empty words of anyone here. I'm not suggesting these ppl don’t exist, only that there's no easy way to do it. The same problem exists when using a commercial VPN provider. Most ppl just *ASSUME* they can be trusted merely because they’re a well-known, public entity. But the truth is, they could be a nefarious or rogue company, or the police, etc. It's only their reputation earned over many years that amount to anything, and even that's questionable until we see their response to a subpoena. I don’t mean to sound paranoid. I only want to emphasize that it’s tricky and you need to be very careful about using *any* VPN provider, public or private.