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reply to ConstantineM

Re: What about myTouch 4G et al. that are AWS (1700/2100) only?

I believe TMO will be doing the same thing that Wind mobile does in Canada with 1700 mhz. Which is use the signal band for up and down stream. TMOs 1900 mhz for up and down stream of hspa42+ and then also use 2100 mhz for up and down stream of hspa42+ thus making all previous phones compatible with hspa+ on 1900 or 2100. Thus Customers only needing a phone upgrade in case you chose to use 1700mhz for LTE (up and down stream) as your current 1700 mhz phone for hspa+ will be no longer usable. However this is only speculation and I could be wrong but this would be the most logical choice in my opinion to no piss off the masses with older TMO 3G/4G smart phones and be able to support older Iphones at the same time.

I myself have used Wind mobile in Canada ( Unlocked my TMO G2X and use it there on vacation) and my data transfer speeds on the signal band of 1700 mhz for up and down stream were pretty impressive. Im almost confidant TMO can do the same on 1900 and 2100.