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Sunnyvale, CA
reply to justbits

Re: AT&T IPv6 6to4 is broken

said by justbits:

There is no technical reason why they couldn't just enable a route for the closest BGP4 route. (he.net in Chicago!)

I'm not in the midwest, but at work I have two AT&T business Internet connections. The primary Internet connection (fiber optic) routes 6to4 over the AT&T backbone from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Dallas where it is handed over to Hurricane Electric and their Dallas 6to4 relay (seems like a long way given that there are local HE.net gateways in San Jose and Fremont).
Our backup Internet connection is DSL and it doesn't have a route to any 6to4 relay.

I do not know if 6to4 to an AT&T relay ever worked here. Whenever I speak to someone from AT&T (rarely) I always bring up the subject of IPv6 and the answer is always something evasive along the lines of "we working on it, we don't have any details to share at this point, we don't know when it will be available". If any of those AT&T technicians and account representatives had ever mentioned that AT&T was operating a 6to4 relay I would have certainly tried it out.
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