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Lancaster, OH
reply to ZZZZZZZ

Re: Armstrong getting caught up in lies

There is a history of filth and cheating in cycling, and that is exactly what makes people suspicious.
There are abundant stories of bribery and corruption of testing officials.
There are too many tales of competitors themselves sharing secrets of how not to get caught with the various performance enhancers in their system.

The most damning thing here is the Armstrong team's defense is that ALL the accusations from other cyclists about Armstrong's use of performance enhancers, came from those who might have an axe to grind.
The same defense used for Armstrong's former teammate and friend, Tyler Hamilton. He was subpoenaed by the Grand Jury, and yes, offered immunity, but he was subject to prosecution if he didn't tell the truth. If you watched the 60 minutes interview with Hamilton it was quite obvious that he despised ratting on Armstrong and was insistent that it was the sport and not Armstrong that was blameworthy. Of particular note is the fact that Hamilton took a big dump on all of his own accomplishments (including his Olympic Gold Medal) in coming clean. This is hardly someone with just an old grievance.

It's never easy for any of us to come to grips with the fact that those we cheer for, admire and indeed have inspired us, might have cheated and lied. It's a hard thing in life being dragged away from our "fairy tales" and into maturity.
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