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Columbus, OH
reply to bfollowell3

Re: [CATV] Evansville structured wiring question

You want as little as "splices" in the line between the cable box and the main input. Bear in mind every wall jack is just a fancy barrel connector so you will get a lil signal loss from that. Insight recommends that from the cable box it goes to the wall outlet, from that a straight run to their splitter that has the main incoming signal being distributed. Having one line running to the second floor while sounds great, is actually going to cause problems. as whatever splitter get used in the craw space in the attic if it goes bad will cause problems for every line hooked up to it. And the line about Insight using low quality splitters or amps, is wrong. Don't believe the Radio shack or Monster et al hype, what the cable company uses has been tested for their system. Lately they have been using Regal or Commscope splitters and Emerson Network Power Amps.


Evansville, IN
OK, I guess that makes sense. I still don't see why I would have that many more splices than the if the cable guys do it. If nothing else, I certainly understand it from the point of troubleshooting down the road if problems were to arise.

As far as my experience with cable companies using low-quality splitters or amps, keep in mind that I did mention it's been over four years since I had any experience with "wired" cable/Internet. I'm sure a lot's in changed in the four years I've been living in the technological sticks.

Thanks again to everyone for your advice. It's definitely been helpful.